Antiques, Vintage, Collectibles and so much more!!!

We have quite a collection of items and several vendors who each have the resources to continue to bring in fresh merchandise on a regular basis. When you visit the store, if you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know and when we get that item we will contact you immediately.

“What a lovely shop … and I love the new addition to my gnome collection.:                  Gloria H.

We’ve got the blue and white dishes many people collect: Johnson Bros, Copeland Spode, Liberty Blue ….

Our DVDs are $1.00 per disk, and up to $5.00 for any series collections. We also have books; most are $2.00 each for hardbacks and $1.00 each for paperbacks.

We also have a collection of LPs - mostly classic rock and country.

“This store has a good selection of items that I do not see often when I visit an antique store. It was a nice shopping experience. I will definitely be back.”          Zoey A.

“This is the most organized antique store I have ever shopped in. I really enjoyed shopping in this store.”    Frank S.

We’ve got great items available for Father’s Days gifts.

Hawaiian shirts, Polos, fishing gear, tools and more!!!

Come out and see our awesome store!!

We are located at the corner of 9 Mile Rd and Pine Forest Rd, behind Maynard’s Donuts.


2115 W Nine Mile Rd, Pensacola, FL 32534, suites 9 - 11

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